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Newcomers Event

author image by [Owner/Dev] Legendary | Novus News | 0 Comments | September 19, 2020

Calling all guild leaders and solo players out there!We are inviting you and your members to join our growing community! Show us your strength and dominate the game 7 Days Premium upon account creation! Utilize our EVENT EXP 60X (Premium)…

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Beacon Wars: 1st Month Celebration

author image by [Owner/Dev] Legendary | Novus News | 0 Comments | September 10, 2020

5 Beacons will spawn at Sette Desert before ever Chip War! EVERYDAY! Get a chance to grab a hefty loot every day! Three times a day! NO RESTRICTIONS! FREE FOR ALL! #WhereLegendsAreBorn#BeLegendary Beacon Event will start 1 hour before Chip War…

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Chip War Stats

Next Chip War

Top PvP Killers



We have developed our own set of armor skins and jetpacks for Level 50-65!

Professional Team

RF Legends is managed by a professional team of seasoned Rising Force server veterans.


Perfectly balanced classes across all three races. We will let YOU be the difference!


Like all successful servers. RFL will never have playing GM’s! Say goodbye to all the drama!

the races of novus

The playable races within RF Legends include three distinct factions, all of which converge upon the planet Novus in a bid for the planet’s immeasurable resources. The Accretian Empire, The Bellato Federation & The Holy Alliance of Cora.

  • Update AOP Files
  • Balanced 55 Level Cap
  • Unique Level 55 Armor Skins
  • Custom Level 55 Race Jetpacks
  • Custom Level 55 Weapon Skins
  • Custom RF Online Interface
  • Custom NPC Contents
  • HVNProtect Active
  • DevCorp Protect Active
  • Ready for 60 Cap (New Rates)
  • Ready for 65 Cap (New Rates)
  • Unique 60-65 Armor Skins
  • Custom 60-65 Weapon Skins
  • Unique 60-65 MAU Skins
  • Custom 55 Siege Kits
  • Custom 60-65 Siege Kits
  • Enhanced Pitboss Drops
  • Enhanced Ore Drops
  • Enhanced Mining Rates
  • Game Voting Sites for VP
  • Convert VP to GP
  • NO Overpowered Donations
  • NO Playing GM
  • Active Support Team
  • Active In-Game Team
  • Easy Top-Up System
  • RFL Community Forums
  • RFL Discord Community

exciting updates & support

RF Legends brings you the best Rising Force experience to date! Be the variable that changes the fate of the three races! Let your voice be heard all throughout Novus! Join the RFL Community Forum today

rfl referral system

Is your Premium Service nearly out? RF Legends has a unique Player Referral System in which we reward players with FREE PREMIUM SERVICE for a minimum amount of player referrals with unique hardware IP’s. Click to explore below and claim yours today!