Beacon Wars: 1st Month Celebration

5 Beacons will spawn at Sette Desert before ever Chip War! EVERYDAY! Get a chance to grab a hefty loot every day! Three times a day! NO RESTRICTIONS! FREE FOR ALL! #WhereLegendsAreBorn#BeLegendary

Beacon Event will start 1 hour before Chip War :
(Total of 5 Beacons will be spawned)
– Center Beacon will drop Leon Hora Box
– Tier 4 Gems
– Talics
– Free For All Drops

RFL First Month PROMO: To express our appreciation for your continued support in RF LEGENDS , we are giving extra Cashpoints & Freebies and many more!

Your loyalty means so much to us and the community, THANK YOU from all of us.

See forum post for more info: