Legends Custom 50 Armors

RF Legends Custom Cora 50 Armors
RF Legends Custom Accretia 50 Armors
RF Legends Custom Bellato 50 Armors

⭐ Tired of the usual armors? Check out….
RF Legends Signature – REMASTERED equipments are available for Level 50 and Up! ⭐

⚡Get ready for Close Beta Test : AUGUST 1, 2020⚡

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Level 55 & up to be posted soon……. ☑

❗Balanced Level 55 Cap
❗Exp Rate 3x | Premium 6x
❗Drop Rate 4x | Premium 8x
❗Animus Rate 4.5x | Premium 9x
❗Update AOP Files
❗High End Server Specification

❗DevCorp Project Active
❗HVNProtect Active

❗Remastered End Game Equipment
❗Newly Improved UI experience
❗Race Transfer / Item Transfer
❗Real Money Trading ON
❗Cash Shop Active and Premium Service
❗Disabled Unseal Quest 50
❗Disabled All Runes
❗No Superior Lvl 55 Equipments

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